Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A year of things (02008)

Maiko's parents in NYC
Moved out of Bushwick because it was too expensive, a 6 year old told me I sucked, and someone died on our steps
Moved into SUNY Purchase where myself and 2 cats were illegally squatting
Shot Ava L's senior film
Last shooting days of Roberto R's film "Couples"

Shot with Shawn R.
Lit some more Tiger
Shot some more Ava
Directed "personal stories" for SUNY
Shot Busta with Shadi

Directed more personal stories
Made 108 Global Rice Bowls with Chee N
Shot Mike G's senior film
Worked with Dave K.
Edited a Russian Orthodox Church Consecration 
Shot on an N.E.R.D vid with Shadi
Finished shooting Billy S's junior film

Did behind the scenes on a BOA video
Took a week off
Cultures Shock at SUNY Purchase
Shot for a English fashion mag with Shawn R. and Erika M.
Had a rehearsal/workshop for Billy S's movie 
Shot more "Personal Stories"

Shot some dance performances
Shot some plays
Shot a music video I don't remember
Billy S camera test where Nick D. hit me in the face
Shooting Billy S's movie nearly kills us both (literally)
My Parent's 23rd Anniversary
Shot behind the scenes on an Emin video (and never got paid) 
Shot with Dave K and fell asleep while filming
Maiko K's semester ends, we get the hell out of NYC
Camping with Maiko K in Idaho
Yellowstone trip with the family and Maiko K
Shiho O. visits Idaho

Fly back to NYC, Maiko K to Japan
Sleep on a couch at SUNY Purchase
Shoot some corporate BS job
Gave kitties to some Chinese friends to kittysit
Slept in PTV, nearly got arrested for trespassing
Shoot (T.S.) Too Smooth's film "Endless Love"
Met the Edgemont kids for one last hooraw
Met with Ray S. and Nick D. to talk about "Go Quietly"
Shot my first feature film in 8 grueling days
Slept in PTV, packed, left for Japan
Hanging out in Japan with the Kishimoto family

Shadi arrives in Tokyo
Shoot Araki, Rinko Kikuchi, and Murikami with NY Times
Party time with Shadi and the crew
Shadi leaves Japan after an interesting week
Negotiate moving into a new appt. via e-mail and phone

Meet Maiko K's grandparents and assorted aunts and uncles and travel to south Japan and all over around there
Sign a lease on an Spanish Harlem appt. while being 6,000 miles away
Back to NYC, move into Spanish Harlem
Got kitties back and moved my, Jon S's, and Billy S's stuff into Harlem
Dinner with my gay godfathers
Work on BCBG stuff with Mike M and Shadi
See Ray S. about the editing of "Go Quietly"
Maiko K comes back from Japan
Shoot LES with Max P and Kai P

Shoot 3as4 documentary with Shadi
Shoot 3as4 show at fashion week
Loan HVX to Shawn R.
Edit with Shadi
Go to Ikea for furniture
Start filming for Pop17
Gay Godfather's Anniversary
Shoot naked in the woods with Ava L.
Meet Doug H. at the MET for a nice day
Shoot more Pop17
Shoot more LES

Start shooting Monkey King with Diane W.
Do some AC work on some reality pilot
Shoot more Cougars NYC
Shoot with Shawn R. at Rockafeller Center
Gaff for Alan S. on a short
AC at the Madison Sq Garden Iams Cat Show
Help my Gay Godfathers
Get a free haircut
Meet Dennis for talk on new SUNY commercial
Photo assist Maiko K
Shoot some Banksy with Shadi and Kai P
Shoot some Rocketboom
Shoot with Dave K for BeetTV
See Polysics on Holloween

Kitties to the Vet and it costs $$$
More Rocketboom
Shoot some strange music video thing
More Monkey King
Sam J's B Day
Shoot pilot for Globale!
Maiko K's B Day
Shoot and edit Macy's Day Parade for Rocketboom

Shoot something I don't remember
Boom work with Adam G. for Charter Telephone
More Rocketboom
Last Monkey King
Think tank at SUNY Purchase for commercial
Karaoke night form Maiko's B Day
"Inertia" film falls through
Sell TV
Fly to Idaho
Lot's a family
Meet Jamie S. before she moves to Alabama
Make lot's off picture montage DVDs
Stay home alone on New Years, kiss my cat Epiphany
-Idaho Bob-

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years Resolutions

So, what did you make as your last years resolutions?  Did you keep them?  I didn't.  
But this year is going to be different.... No, I'm a realist, nothing is going to change.  As much as I want to, stuff I don't like is going to persist in my life unless something crazy/dramatic/etc happens.  Really, it's true.  
I used to believe in the triumph of the human spirit, that you could do anything if you put your mind to it.  Well, I don't know what happened but I don't believe so anymore.  Maybe this had something to do with it.  Maybe this and the fact nothing happened after that post.  Certainly this has something to do with it.
Well, what will happen in 2009?  Nothing, probably nothing.  And that makes me sad.  I can feel that potential for change deep down inside, the want for it.  However, I know myself, and my tendency (as well as all nature) towards the path of least resistance.  So, if you have any advice I'm all ears but a kidnapping or tickets to a foreign land would do just as well.
-Idaho Bob-

Monday, December 29, 2008

Old Art

This first set was achieved by printing photos on the back of photo paper then using my finger and a pencil eraser to smear around the ink.
Modern Art
Moments Later It Was Over
This is a Picture of Death

I'm pretty sure these are linoleum block prints I made in 2003.
-Idaho Bob-

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saturday, December 27, 2008

One5 Shoes

I customized these for (in order of appearance) Maiko K, John G, Mike G, and Ray M.  Now that Christmas is over I can finally put them up.
-Idaho Bob-

Friday, December 26, 2008

Well it kinda worked

The plan was to set up a timelapse from the morning until the end of Christmas eve.  Well, it almost worked until I nearly killed my Grandma who tripped on the cable, so you don't see us eating dinner.  However, everything else we did that day is there so enjoy:
-Idaho Bob-

The first thing I did today.

I went to bed at around 3AM because I was up playing SPORE on the family PC and couldn't quit.  Eventually, the game crashed and I figured that was a good stopping point.  I woke up around 10 but still really sleepy and confused from my dreams where I had to evolve and add things to my body to better cope with my environment.  Dan R picked me up but we fell and he hurt his leg outside a huge indoor water park where we were having a high school/college reunion.  Then my father got me up and I took these pictures:
-Idaho Bob-

Thursday, December 25, 2008

For my Mom (so don't laugh)

I Love My Mom!
-Idaho Bob-

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa Tracker

NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense), our US missile defense tracking branch of the military is using it's multi-billion dollar systems to track Santa Claus as he flies around the world! Check out pictures and even video of him flying about. The secret, they use the heat from Rudolph's nose to track him via satalite.
-Idaho Bob-

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Decorating the Ol' Christmas Tree

-Idaho Bob-

Parrot Art

You have got to check out these photos and awesome high-speed films of parrots in flight done by Norwegian fashion photographer Sølve Sundsøbo.
-Idaho Bob-

Monday, December 22, 2008

New Toys and Ice Trees

(The following should be read in the voice of Garrison Keeler.  If you can do that, you get a free Christmas song at the end of the post!)

Been quite a day on the farm, quite a blustery day as you can see by the photo below.
Looks cold out there and you're probably asking yourself, "what happened to that tree?"  The answer is, my father happened to that tree.  Every year he takes the hose to a tree and makes it into an ice tree.  This one's a little skinny but he's growing.  You water an ice tree like any other plant and it will grow bigger but unlike other plants sunlight kills an ice tree so try to avoid too much if you grow your own.

But, despite the cold we went out and visited a lot of stores in search of a new family TV.  We hit 7 stores in 3 1/2 hours, a record really and at the end of the day we came home with this:
a 37" LG LCDHDTV.  We hooked it up and watched some of my YouTube videos on it, some family photos on a DVD and 20 or 30 seconds of the Tonight Show.  But, something much better came to the house today, better if you like high pitched squeals more than TV, which some of us do, myself included.  This came in the mail today:
You thought you didn't know what you were looking at with the ice tree now what is that?  That is a Moog Etherwave Theremin and I'm going to learn how to play it probably (certainly) to the annoyance of my NYC roommates.  My goal is to be able to someday play my favorite classical piece on this instrument.  Bonus points if you know what that is.  For more info on a theremin (the 1st electronic instrument) go to the wiki page on theremins.

Don't forget your Christmas song!
-Idaho Bob-

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Idaho Day 2

It's snowing something fierce today so I decided to stay inside by the fire.  So, instead of along winded explanation of what we did in the day how about some photos of my Great Grandparent's (on my Ma's side) house.  It was built in the 1960s and furnished in the Italian style of the time.

-Idaho Bob-

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Idaho Day 1

(The following should be read in an old timey gruff Western voice)

Well, now that I'm back on the farm, here with my kin, thought I'd clue you city folks in on what we does out here day ter' day.  

We got up early for a family breakfast at 10.  When that was over my Pa and I headed down to my Grandma's house (formerly my Great Grandfather's house) to fix up her garage door.  Ya see, the garage doors were installed in the 1960s, and one of em' had up an broke on us.  We put on our thermal coveralls not to get dirty and to stay warm and fixed that there door.  I drove the Cadillac out to store in the barn for a few days and we salted my Grandma's driveway so she wouldn't slip on her way to get the mail.  There is only about 2 inches of snow on the ground down here in the valley but the mountains sure do look nice and coated.

After that we went and looked at some thrift store items, checked out some prices on sheets of plywood, bought a 10lb prime rib and some bulk gummy bears, and went on home.

At home we went and brought in the Christmas tree my Pa and GrandPa had cut earlier that week from the forest up yonder.  It had frozen into the bucket they placed it in but we had a geology hammer to fix that.  Ray M came by on his way home from shopping to say hello and he helped us cut it to fit in the house and bring er' in.  Then we had lunch.

After lunch we looked at a cardboard model my Pa had made of a shelf thingamajigger we were looking to build out of that plywood we earlier were a spyin'.  We got the OK on the design from my Ma and then set to transferring the designs into Excel so we could arange the pieces to best use our piece of wood (woods spendy ya' know).
After I got that a planned out I ripped on old DVD into my helper box (computer) to update the family's picture and music DVD to 2009.  What the DVD is is family photos from my Pa's side put to guitar music my brothers recorded.  It plays for about 10 min or so then loops.  My Grandparents watch it while they work out and my Pa puts it on the TV in the livingroom as a nice background.  I'm making one for my Ma's Ma as well to go with her new TV.  It'll give her some company since she lives all alone and her cat disappeared.  Did I tell you about her and cats?  Well, Remind me and I'll tell you the cat stories another time.

Instead I'll tell you the short one about the two amber chickens who have suddenly taken up residence at the house.  "You got some chickens," I said.  "No, those chickens got us.  Just showed up one day and never left.  We asked the neighbors but they have all theirs.  No idea where they came from," says my Ma, "If they're not careful they're gonna end up dinner."  And rightly so because they make one heck of a mess on the patio and walkways.  No respect for others property chickens.

Now I am off to dinner with my Grandparents at their favorite Mexican restaurant.  Best thing about my Grandparents is that they know everyone, their family, kids, connections to friends, old roommates, and all by name.  They get amazing service because they care about their waiters, owners, busboys, cooks, anyone.  They ask about the baby, how's your brother Gus in Mexico, son in the 5th grade this year right?  They can do this for probably 9 to 10 restaurants, coffee shops, butchers, grocers, and other stores around the midwest.  It's old school and I want to be like them when I grows up.

Went to Hastings to get a DVD/CD cleaner for the family DVD player as it just won't work too well.  Ran it, didn't work, ran it again, still nothing.  Gosh Darnnit.  Made a cup of green tea to sit and figure this confoundid contraption out, but the tea came out brown.  Who needs a darn fangled DVD player anyhow?

Going to sleep in the Queen sized bed that my Grandmother and late Grandfather slept in when my Ma was a child. 
-Idaho Bob-