Friday, July 30, 2010

森山加代子 白い蝶のサンバ

IHH Flotilla Footage

A lot of people have not heard about this, and even fewer people have seen this. After the attack on the Freedom Flotilla the Israeli govt. confiscated everyones phones and all the medias cameras. However, one tape got snuck out and this is it.

Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob

Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob

Cultures of Resistance

I had the opportunity to work on this very amazing, very powerful, and very inspirational documentary. I hope that you all get to see it someday, as it really changes your outlook on the world, resistance, and the roles of artists in global struggle.

Also, the group continue to create media and be active all around the globe. You can keep up with them at their website.

-Idaho Bob-

Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh dear Lord! Hedonism at it's finest.

Updates from Idaho Dad via Rwanda

Updates from Idaho Dad via Rwanda

I spend the mornings and early afternoon at the worksite (they quit about 3:00) and the afternoons at the disabled center. The building foundation is finished (volcanic rock) and we are up to the windows with bricks. They use a little concrete on the corners and where the trusses will be but the rest of the bricks are set in clay. We are making good progress at the disabled center, I have shown them how to build 4 different wheelchairs from bicycles, how to make an uphill break for wheelchairs (the city is on a volcanic hillside), replace their worn out wheelchair wheels with locally available bicycle tires (at a tenth the cost and they can go on the local dirt roads) and fixed a couple wheelchairs that they were not using. Word has gotten out that we can fix wheelchairs so they just show up now and we fix them if we can.

We went to a local forest for a hike last weekend and saw a lot of the local hills. Rwanda is the most populated country in Africa so there were people around every turn. It is amazing that so many people live in clay brick houses with dirt floors, no running water or power but they seem to be happy and wave or smile if you go first. Out of the city they know little English. I am also amazed how they keep their cloths clean, all the washing is done outside on the ground in three plastic tubs (wash, rinse, rinse).

The food has been good and basic, bread, rice, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, peas, eggplant, some meat and fruit. The highlight of the meal is the fruit.

-Idaho Dad-

Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob

Artsy Porno

Artist Nils Eichberg serves up some artsy porno in his new series Alt F4.  I dig his “regular” work as well.  -Idaho Bob- via: iGnant

Artist Nils Eichberg serves up some artsy porno in his new series Alt F4. I dig his “regular”work as well.

-Idaho Bob-

via: iGnant

Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob

Sexy Pin Up girls makes a great BTS vid from V magazine

“Pin Up Girls” from V Magazine

Sexy time. Probably one of the best BTS (behind the scenes) vids I have seen lately and here is why, on top of great locations, models, and art direction, I think it worked:

1) Video style matched photo shoot style (old film look [looks like at least some actual film was shot], home-video camera work matched with well composed shot, that classic full face close-up.

2) It seemed the photo and video dept. shared the model’s time (which is rare) so the video could actually get some moving shots, do some set-ups, make fun faces instead of classic hard-faced photo looks, and get the girls playing to the camera away from the photo set-up’s restraints.

3) There is little focus on the photo shoot being done, but you get just enough to keep it in your head.

4) All this wants to make you see the pictures as well.

Well done Bell Soto and Vmagazine.

-Idaho Bob-

via: Maiko K.

Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Haikus written on trains 2

Newly sprouting field

Each blade a promise of life

All drops of rain pool

Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Idaho Dad vs Rawand’s Roads vs Wheelchairs

Idaho Dad vs Rawanda's Roads vs Wheelchairs

At this moment, my father, Idaho Dad, is in Rawanda doing…. we’re not sure. However, a blogger down there has posted the following article about what he is up to:

Randy, the engineer among us, soon discovered the Ubumwe Center, which helps people with quite a variety of handicaps. On Friday afternoons, they have music and games; when we visited last Friday, there was a long drumming session, but not much else.

Today when we arrived, it was clear that a delegation of important people was being shown around, so we just sat down on a bench in the shade, and enjoyed the cool breeze and view, which I think went all the way down to Lake Kivu. A number of people came by; pretty much every one of them stopped to greet us, many in English.

A youngish woman was sitting in a wheel chair near our bench; she clearly had poor control of both her face and her limbs, but everybody who came by stopped to greet her, and it was amazing to see how her face lit up each time. Sometimes she managed some indistict sounds, and the other person would respond with some simple words in Kinyarwanda, which she seemed to understand.

Out in the courtyard two men, one on crutches, were working on stringing up what looked like a volleyball net. I squelched an impulse to go and help them; they really COULD do it themselves. When they finally stretched it out, though, they fastened it almost low enough to be a tennis net. The man on crutches came past our bench; despite his long trousers, we could see that one leg was shorter, and that foot didn’t reach the ground; he was really walking on his crutches and only one leg. He went past us into a doorway, then came back out with a volley-ball sized ball. Somehow he managed to balance on his one good foot and use the crutches to pick up the ball, which he flung at the girl in the wheelchair. She managed to raise her arm and bat it back to him. This was repeated several times; the expression on her face was sublime. At one point, he was a bit distracted, and the ball just rolled towards her; with an expression of extreme concentration, she leaned over and almost managed to touch it - I think this was the most purposeful control of a limb I saw the whole time I watched her.

I would have liked to take a picture of her, but felt I should ask someone else for permission; sadly, someone came and wheeled her away before I could make the picture happen.

Then the drums were brought out - a whole line of them across the courtyard - mostly big ones, to be played standing up, but a few shorter ones, which could be played by someone in a wheelchair, or perhaps sitting on the ground. Everything takes time in Rwanda, but eventually drumsticks appeared (with a bit of a paddle-like end), and finally a dozen or so enthusiastic drummers. One drummer appeared to lead; the others followed as they were able. Clearly all of them were having a great time, including the blind man, the woman who walked with a limp, but jumped and danced happily as she drummed, and the mother whose toddler alternated between clinging to her skirts and wandering around quite independently behind the drummers.

The drumming didn’t last as long as last week; the players wandered away, and finally the drums, too, were cleared away. A woman came by, walking without assistance on an iron sort of cage instead of a foot. She walked out into the courtyard and sat down, where she was shortly joined by a man with no obvious disability, who took off his shoes and also sat down. The man on crutches brought the ball, and the two sitting people began tossing it back and forth. Sometimes one or the other had to sort of scuttle sideways to catch it; the woman was especially proficient at this. The man on crutches sat down, and the game was expanded to include him, and another man similarly on one leg and crutches, who came along.

A woman came along in a wheelchair; she had been one of the drummers, and had no legs below the knees. She dropped out of her wheelchair onto the cement courtyard, and scooted across to a position on the other side of the net. There she was joined by another man with no obvious handicaps - he would sometimes jump up and get the ball if it rolled out of everybody’s range, but there was also a ragamuffin little boy who often performed this function. Most often, the man on the far side of the net would toss the ball to the legless girl, who would tap it back to him; he’d then bat it across the net to the other side, where it would be passed around among a few players, and occasionally get back over the net. There seemed to be a great deal of co-operation occurring, not just among players on one side, but also in getting it over the net. One time, though, it went back over the net to the serving side, who didn’t manage to capture it before it rolled away, and a roar of triumph rose from the non-serving side, so it clearly wasn’t being played completely for funsies. When we left, they were still out there playing.

Randy, who has worked with a variety of wheelchair modifications back at home in Idaho, has found a niche for himeself at Ubumwe, where he is coming up with different ways to fix quite a stream of non-functional wheelchairs. (Unpaved roads of volcanic rock can be really hard on wheelchairs.) As for the rest o f us, who have mostly experienced the handicapped population of Gisenyi as pitiful-looking beggars at the busstop and market, it was truly an experience of joy and hope to see these people participating so happily in these lively activities.

Seeking the Light,

- Turtle

Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob

Thursday, July 8, 2010

$300 fee for film permits in NYC

We Lost : ( $300 fee for shooting permits in NYC starts July 11th

So it passed, and now people who want to get a permit to shoot in NYC will need to pay $300 per project if they want to shoot. HOWEVER, there is no change for people who will be shooting underoptional permits. Which means, this hand held, no lights, no parking, gorilla style of filmmaking that has been developing over the last couple of years is going to be even more prominent in NY indy film culture in the future.

The Official Release

June 11, 2010 - The Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting has adopted an amendment to rules governing the issuance of permits issued by the agency. Effective July 11, 2010, MOFTB will charge $300 for the processing of the initial application of any new project.

MOFTB has been, for over forty years, the office providing one-stop clearance and permit operations for film and television productions in the City. As part of these services, the office continues to coordinate and provide free police assistance, free parking privileges and access to most exterior locations free of charge. Because the City faces unprecedented budget challenges, the office has adopted a permit application processing fee. This fee will allow the office to continue to provide these permitting services to the public, while offsetting budget cuts.

The following outlines when a permit is required and when a permit is not required when shooting in New York City:

Permit Required:
$300 application fee applies.
Permit Not Required:
$300 permit fee does NOT apply.
Optional Permit:
$300 permit fee does NOT apply.
- Equipment or vehicles are used or the person filming asserts exclusive use of City property.

- Insurance is required for this permit.- Hand-held cameras or tripods are used and the person filming does not assert exclusive use of City property.

- Handheld equipment only. Permit does not include special parking privileges.

- Insurance is notrequired for this permit.

The final version of the rule was published in the City Record on June 11, 2010. This rule was published for comment in the City Record on May 3, 2010 and a hearing was held on June 3, 2010.

To read the rule in its entirety, click here.

The new fee was determined by analyzing the administrative and personnel costs incurred by MOFTB for processing the initial application page of any new project that will be subject to this New Project Account application fee of $300.00. A New Project Account application will be valid for the duration of continuous photography for any scouting, rigging and/or shooting activity that requires a permit. For a television series, a single project application will be valid for the duration of one season. If a television series hosts a special outdoor event with a public audience, a New Project Account application will be needed unless the event requires a Premiere permit. The fee will apply to the application process for each project, and is not a location fee; the majority of City-owned exterior locations will remain free of charge, including its 300 square miles of streets. MOFTB would waive the new $300 project application fee when the applicant is able to demonstrate unreasonable hardship.

A New Project Account application, when submitted in connection with a Required Permit, shall be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of $300.00, paid in the form of a certified check or money order and made payable to “New York City Department of Finance.”

Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

iphone 4 with DSLR lenses

Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob
iPhone 4 with DSLR Lenses

Apple’s new iPhone 4 has exceeded the expectations of many, yet its 5-megapixed camera is outdated compared to some of its competitors like HTC’s Evo 4G, which has an 8-megapixel camera. A recent prototype around the net shows how a distinct character created a special tripod to attach a DSLR lens to the iPhone 4.

A creation like this can certainly help a traveling photographer who is not keen to carrying equipment around or interest one who wants to enter the world of photography.

via: Hypebeast

OOOOOOK, I will be the first to admit that I do actually like the images that come from the iPhone, and there are some situations where it is the right look and style for the moment. But this? This is just pure nerd awesomeness and you give me one of these rigs and I’ll abandon my G11 right now.

-Idaho Bob-

Sunday, July 4, 2010

1123 sounds

Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob
1123 Sounds
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C4C 1

Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob

see a Commercial 4 Color

WTF is Commercials 4 Color

WTF is Commercials 4 Color?

Commercials 4 Color is a series of 30 second videos that uses footage from movies, children’s cartoons, webcams, live events, pornography, television, viral videos, and original footage to create images that are pure indulgences in colors, patterns, and texture. Images are layered, distorted, blown up, and generally convoluted to bring a new perspective to the media we consume everyday.

I’ve been working on this project for about 6 months off-and-on for a total (as of now) of X videos. Each video is presented in pairs because I was never satisfied with just one variation on any given theme and wanted to then distort the new video even further. Luckily, and I may end up doing this, I haven’t had the patience to further and further distort each new generation until I get… what would you get?

The videos have been curated into a few film festivals as well as incorporated into a recentinteractive video sculpture at a gallery in SOHO. If you are interested in using any of these videos, please feel free to message me here. Also, if you are interested in making similar videos, join the Vimeo group and start adding content.

-Idaho Bob-

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob

WTF dude? You’re calling THAT art?

You’ve been thinking, “what’s up with all those art projects you’ve been supposedly working on, Idaho Bob?” Well guess what, you’re about to get a huge face-full of them over the next few weeks, and I mean a massive truck dropping an entire load of videos, pictures, short films, writings, and drawings on your ass. So please look at a few, tell me what you think, and by all means, create some art yourself and share it back!

-Idaho Bob-

Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob

Friday, July 2, 2010

Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob

Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob

Morphing beautiful faces of paintings throughout the ages by Bruce Livingstone

-Idaho Bob-

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just can't beat Google

You just can't beat Google, so the blogspot is back in action.

-Idaho Bob-

Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob

 French design company HELMO is awesome and I’m always impressed with their work.  Saw this recent work via BumBumBum. -Idaho Bob-

French design company HELMO is awesome and I’m always impressed with their work. Saw this recent work via BumBumBum.

-Idaho Bob-

Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob

Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob

Off the Farm: The Story of Idaho Bob